GFAB: Graphene Foundry Service Launched

Graphenea, one of the World’s leading manufacturers and industrial and retail suppliers of high quality graphene, has launched a new service in the industry – the Graphene Foundry, or GFAB. The Graphene Foundry service provides buyers with the ability to order completely bespoke graphene circuits printed to their own specifications on wafers of up to 6”. This breakthrough service creates a huge opportunity for researchers to obtain the materials they need, enabling fast device prototyping and accelerating the development of new applications, lowering the entry barriers to graphene-based solutions.

No minimum batch size

In view of the market demands, Graphenea offers small batch sizes (1-3 wafers) for fabrication. Lithography masks can be manufactured by Graphenea or provided by the customer. GFAB includes high quality graphene growth, graphene transfer on 4” and 6” wafers, metal contact deposition and lift-off, and graphene lithography with etching.

Complete Customization

Graphenea produces edge contacts for optimal performance, made from Ni/Al. The minimum feature size obtainable is 5 μm. Dicing is also included in the package. The substrate on which fabrication is made can be either a Si/SiO2 wafer, or any custom substrate desired by the customer (subject to compatibility with the chemicals and temperatures used in the process). Contact Graphenea for verification.

Exceptional Quality Control Standards

The devices pass the stringent quality control measures that Graphenea enforces on all samples, including Raman spectroscopy, optical microscopy, and electrical tests. Graphenea, being ISO 9001 registered for the “Design and development, manufacture and commercialization of high quality graphene products”, sets these standards extremely high.

This graphene foundry service, a first on the market, is a decisive step towards further commercialization and proliferation of graphene in the global marketplace. GFAB is a EU Funding project under the Horizon 2020 program. GFAB is another addition to the graphene film value chain that Graphenea offers, which has until now included graphene as-grown on copper substrate, prepped for transfer (with PMMA coating), then transferred to standard Si/SiO2 or custom substrates, and patterned into GFETs for use in biosensors, chemical sensors, magnetic sensors or other innovative applications.



Graphenea Offer A Range of Graphene-Based Field Effect Transistors in different configurations for research purposes, and now also offer custom graphene device printing (GFAB). See the full range here, or contact us today to discuss any specific configurations you need.