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Graphene News — Electric Vehicles

Graphene batteries and supercapacitors to power our world

Marko Spasenovic

The potential of graphene for batteries becomes more apparent each day, with headlines touting new graphene electrodes and battery materials. Graphene electrodes Most recently, researchers at Rice University, which excels in both fundamental and applied graphene research, came out with a prediction that adding some boron atoms to the graphene...

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Graphene-based batteries enables longer lifetime

Jean-Christophe Lavocat

If you are a frequent user of smartphone or tablet, you know more than others that "mobility" is a magic word. However, when was the last time your iPad was plugged to recharge its battery? Probably less than 24 hours ago. What if graphene was providing the world with a disruptive technology allowing batteries to last three times longer? This is what California Lithium Battery, a start-up based in Los Angeles, is aiming for.

Despite the obvious mobile phones/tablets market, this is not the main target of this young company. The two major sectors that California Lithium Battery wants to conquer is the one of electric vehicles and the less known grid storage facilities.


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