Graphenea launches 6" graphene wafer on all substrates

Graphenea has launched a new 6" graphene wafer on all the company’s standard substrates. This wafer is of an industrial size for small scale devices, meaning that the new product can be integrated in commercial fabrication lines, for applications such as MEMS, NEMS, electronics and sensing. The new product is a landmark, as smaller wafers such as the 4" ones are used for R&D only. The large area of the wafer also allows competitive pricing, at a cost 28% lower (per unit area) than the existing 4" CVD graphene wafer.

2017 was marked by a growing production capacity, which resulted from intense continuous investment in both the graphene oxide and CVD film product lines. The growth of Graphenea production capacity is driven by the demand of the growing graphene market.

The company is now pleased to announce that it is now offering graphene on 6" (150mm) substrates. The graphene films will be available on all of the company’s standard substrates (Cu, SiO2/Si, quartz, PET & PEN), as well as an option for the company’s custom transfer service to the customer’s own substrate. Just like all of Graphenea’s other CVD Graphene products, the films are produced and transferred in a Class 1000 cleanroom that fulfills a quality management system with an ISO 9001 certification.