Management System Policy

Graphenea is a technology company created in 2010 specialized in graphene
production. Graphenea supports its customers with graphene CVD films,
graphene field effect transistor (GFET) chips, graphene chip fabrication services
(GFAB) as well as graphene oxide (GO) products.

Through research and innovation, Graphenea develops new methods of growth, transfer, manufacturing and new architectures, which it makes available to fabless companies interested in developing and commercializing graphene solid-state devices.

Graphenea counts among its clients universities and research institutes, SMEs and multinationals, where it integrates graphene for applications in the field of electronics and optoelectronics, telecommunications and photonics, as well as in biotechnology.

Aiming to consistently meet the high standards of our clients demands, Graphenea has defined the following policy for its management system which helps us offer high-quality goods and services.

  • Achieve customer satisfaction through market-leading safe and efficient products with high-quality standards.
  • Ensure compliance with all safety and environmental requirements, including legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Promote the development of people by seeking in them involvement, responsibility, creativity, innovation and commitment towards the process of value contribution to the company.
  • Being aware of our daily challenge to continuously improve our products and services and the effectiveness of the quality management system.

Management will ensure that these principles of quality are known and understood by all the people within Graphenea and applied to all of its activities, as well as reviewing and adapting this policy regularly.