Graphenea installs Class 1000 cleanroom

Graphenea announces the opening of a new cleanroom at its premises in San Sebastian, Spain. The Class 1000 cleanroom, installed in March this year, is up and running and the company’s products are now being processed in the cleanroom environment.

The exceptional conditions in the new cleanroom are expected to lead to higher quality and reproducibility of the graphene. In addition, a smaller contaminant particle density will result in higher yield and less impurities for better carrier mobility and smaller unintentional doping, making Graphenea CVD graphene even more attractive for electronic, optical, and other applications.

The installation of the cleanroom and its controlled environment will allow products compatible with strict production and quality regulations, which are a requirement for semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and other high-tech industries. Graphenea has now become the first graphene company to offer compliance with such regulations.

The cleanroom will house 4”, 6” and 8” wafer CVD graphene production lines, with integrated in-line quality control. Hence, the new cleanroom is a true high-quality, regulated graphene factory, able to supply materials directly compatible with industry needs.

Graphenea’s intense collaboration with academic researchers will benefit from this new development as well, because the company’s patented graphene transfer method and apparatus is now installed in a more controlled environment. Many of the company’s customers and scientific collaborators rely on Graphenea transferring their CVD films onto custom substrates.

The installation marks a new era for Graphenea, a true global leader in graphene production.

About Graphenea

Graphenea, a leading graphene producer venture backed by Repsol, was established in 2010, and has since grown to be one of the world's largest providers of graphene. The company is headquartered at the nanotechnology cluster CIC nanoGune in San Sebastian, Spain and the MIT campus in Cambridge, Boston, MA. Graphenea employs 25 people and exports graphene materials to more than 600 customers in 55 countries. The company has focused on constant improvement of graphene quality, becoming a supplier customers can rely on. Graphenea employs a team of skilled laboratory staff who have brought graphene production techniques to a new level. The company produces CVD graphene wafers and graphene oxide. Graphenea partners with large multinationals to develop custom graphene materials for their applications. Its research agility and ability to keep pace with the progress of graphene science and technology has allowed Graphenea to become a core partner in the Graphene Flagship, a ten year project of the European Commission worth a billion euros. The company keeps a close relation with the world's leading scientists, regularly publishing scientific articles of the highest level and holds a strong patent portfolio.