Experts explain MPW run in free webinar

Europractice hosted a webinar about the multiproject wafer (MPW) run offered by Graphenea and 2DEPL. The recording of the webinar is now available online to all who are interested.

Graphene has come a long way since its discovery roughly 20 years ago. Due to its monoatomic thickness, high carrier mobility and optical absorption, graphene sparked a lot of interest, and a myriad of different device architectures and use cases have been studied in the last decade. Lately, the efforts have been devoted towards the mass production of graphene devices, where significant advancements have been made. The Graphenea MPW run targets cutting-edge device architectures for novel applications with graphene.

The first part of the talk delivered by Dr Elias Torres (Graphenea) was a general and brief overview of graphene and the current state of the art in terms of graphene device processing. Some applications and use cases that can make use of these devices were outlined and commented on.

The second part of the talk by Dr Juan Manuel Gómez Pérez (Graphenea) took a deeper look at the specifications of MPW #6 with Graphenea Semiconductor. The basic process flow 2.5 (PF2.5) was introduced and described, as well as design rules constraints to create the best geometry for a given application/use case. The different device architectures based on the basic PF2.5 were also discussed. Due to the high versatility of the PF2.5, not all possible device architectures were considered, but some examples that are highly relevant for specific use cases were introduced.

The webinar serves a two-fold purpose. The first is to provide a general overview of the processing and applications of graphene, whereas the second is to provide more specific guidelines to those potential customers who are interested in having their graphene devices fabricated in small batches during the MPW run. Applications for the MPW run are still open, until June 30. More details can be found on our blog post dedicated to the run.