Free symposium on industrial uptake of graphene (2D-EPL)

2D-EPL is hosting its final Pioneering 2D Materials for Semiconductor Industry event, to be held in Brussels, 11-12 June. This free, lunch-to-lunch event will celebrate the 2D Experimental Pilot Line (2D-EPL) results and its progress towards creating an ecosystem for 2D materials integration in semiconductors for electronics, photonics, sensors and biomedical devices. The symposium will focus on photonics and biomedical applications and the benefits and challenges of industrial uptake for these technologies.

Graphenea’s Alba Centeno will give a lecture about graphene-based biomedical technologies, highlighting the integration of CVD graphene into medical devices for diagnostics of various diseases and evaluation of the effectiveness of drugs. The lecture will include manufacturing considerations for graphene devices that are designed for this purpose. The biomedical applications session of the symposium will be chaired by Graphenea’s Amaia Zurutuza.

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