Dr. Anartz Unamuno joins Graphenea as Senior Advisor

Dr. Anartz Unamuno has recently joined Graphenea as a Senior Advisor. In this role, Anartz will be instrumental in the development of Graphenea’s foundry business. He brings along over 20 years of working experience in the semiconductor industry, including research institutions, two successfully exited startups and two large semiconductor manufacturing companies. He has held positions in engineering, project management and senior management. Anartz’s focus is in MEMS products and technologies for mass production. Currently he advices deeptech startups with technology, strategy, and fundraising topics.

Graphenea Foundry is proud to offer custom wafer services up to 6'' with personalized design, allowing for rapid device prototyping and accelerated development of graphene-based applications. Using a pure-play foundry model, we offer a unique vertical integration scheme that enables us to grow, transfer, and process our graphene all under one roof, resulting in high-quality, reliable graphene-based devices tailored to our customers' needs. Our Foundry specializes in biosensing and optoelectronic & photonic applications, and we provide our customers with graphene manufacturing expertise from early prototyping to commercialization. Dr. Unamuno's experience and expertise in semiconductor technology and foundry operations make him an ideal fit for our growing Foundry business.