Graphenea gets new corporate image, celebrates fourth anniversary

After four years of existence, Graphenea has revamped its corporate image and website this month.

On our company website, one can still find the high quality graphene oxide and graphene films, as well as other graphene products. Alongside, the Graphenea website boasts a list of publications, addressing in depth various graphene topics, such as our popular “graphene price” article, an article on applications and uses of graphene, and other informative articles on aspects related to graphene commercialization.

Our blog posts are among the most regularly updated in the graphene community, regularly discussing the most recent scientific advancements, as well as the company's networking activities. In addition, the website now makes it easier to reach our team through social networks.

Celebrating its fourth anniversary, Graphenea is not a start up anymore. In four short years, the hard work of the entire team has resulted in the placement of Graphenea as a leading manufacturer of graphene in powder and film format. Graphenea is recognized the world over as a steadily-growing business which constantly improves the quality of its product.

Advised by three distinguished science and engineering professors and led by CEO Jesus de la Fuente and Scientific Director Amaia Zurutuza, Graphenea was reinforced by Business Development Director Iñigo Charola in September 2013. Our distribution network was significantly enhanced by last year's arrangement with Sigma-Aldrich, a global supplier of chemicals, although we already have local distributors in the USA, Japan, Korea, India, Taiwan, Singapore, and the Middle East (Turkey), with global headquarters in San Sebastian, Spain.

Graphenea has also succeeded in becoming the largest graphene supplier in the billion-euro project “Graphene Flagship”, and hopping onto the Advisory Board of the Graphene Stakeholders Association, a global network co-ordinating the commercialization of graphene. The strong strategic position of Graphenea and our dedication to important global issues such as energy generation and storage is being reinforced by the recent million-euro investment by Repsol Energy Ventures.

Graphenea is located at and partially sponsored by CIC nanoGUNE, a nanotechnology research center in the Spanish region of Basque country, where 8 scientific research groups pursue the knowledge of nanoscience and nanotechnology.

We are looking forward to an ongoing and developing interaction with our customers as well as potential scientific and industrial collaboration. Feel free to browse the revamped website and provide us with feedback!