Graphene 2014 - science and business mingle

Graphenea showcased a substantial presence at the conference Graphene 2014 last week in Toulouse. Four staff members, including Business Development Director Iñigo Charola and Scientific Director Amaia Zurutuza, attended the largest European event in graphene. Our exhibit attracted numerous visitors, potential clients and collaborators.

Picture: A part of our team at Graphene 2014

Graphenea presented on the topic of investing in graphene, which attracted the attetion of many attendees. During the presentation, we discussed the evolution of the company, current market trends,  and an estimate of the future evolution of graphene prices. Later, Amaia chaired a session of presentations by PhD students.

Traditionally bringing cutting edge scientific research, the Graphene Conference series this year included a strong industrial and business component. Bilateral meetings and an industrial workshop (organized by the Graphene Flagship) assisted in pushing the discussion beyond pure science and into the realm of applications, funding, and industrial partnership.

Building on the success of the previous three meetings, held twice in Bilbao (2011 and 2013) and once in Brussels (2012), the meeting in Toulouse hosted more than 40 top-level speakers. Plenary talks were given by Antonio Castro Neto (Singapore), Albert Fert (France), and Rod Ruoff (Korea). Topics ranged from graphene photodetectors and photovoltaic cells, to flexible electronics, to fundamental studies of graphene superconductance and superlattices.

We are glad to witness the continuing development of this great series and hope to keep you up to date with it for years to come.