Multiproject wafer run welcomes biosensing process flow requests

The Multiproject Wafer (MPW) run service of the Graphenea Foundry is open for biosensing process flow 2 requests during the month of October, for runs that will occur in November. Through the Foundry’s mask-sharing scheme, custom devices in small batches can be made at an affordable cost.

The MPW run service was established to allow sharing the cost of fabrication with other users, lowering entry barriers for researchers and companies interested in developing graphene-based technologies and enabling a larger pool of customers to opt for using graphene. The service offers a reduced turnaround time compared to conventional MPW runs of just 3 months.

The service is ideal for batch prototyping and proof-of-concept validation. The process flow 2 that is open to requests is intended for sensing in liquids and biological material. The process includes gold (50 nm) contacts, graphene patterning, and optional Ti, Ni, or Al deposition, optional Al2O3 encapsulation (50 nm), optional polymeric encapsulation (200 nm), and optional via opening. The process flow that is on offer now is PF2P, which offers polymer encapsulation. Pricing starts at $1980 per request. Guidelines and design rules for interested customers, as well as the MPW run calendar, are available at the MPW page of our website.