Graphenea and Kivoro are carbon neutral

Graphenea and Kivoro are strongly contributing to minimizing environmental footprint. Since 2017, the companies use 100% renewable electricity. All the products manufactured by Graphenea and Kivoro are carbon neutral, with a zero carbon footprint. In order to ensure commitment to reducing carbon emissions, Graphenea is participating in the Spanish registry of carbon footprint, offsetting and CO2 removal.

Graphenea has first participated in level 1 of the program, calculating the company’s overall carbon footprint for the years 2019, 2020 and 2021. Based on the calculation for year 2021, Graphenea has offset their carbon footprint by participating in the restoration of a forest region in Galicia.

Forest restoration contributes to carbon sequestration, the process of capturing and storing atmospheric carbon dioxide. For participating in this project, Graphenea has received a level 2 stamp from the Ministry of Ecologic Transition of Spain. When the footprint for the year 2022 is calculated, if it is lower than the footprint for 2021, as expected, Graphenea will receive a level 3 stamp. Level 3 is the highest grade awarded by the ministry to companies that participate in the program.

Both Graphenea and Kivoro are dedicated to carbon neutrality and intend to continuously improve their ecologic activity. The companies are actively looking for new ways to reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact, such as implementing greener technologies and reducing energy needs. Graphenea and Kivoro are committed to creating a better future for everyone by reducing their carbon footprint and raising awareness about the importance of environmental conservation.