Graphene applications reviewed

The Annual "Graphene: Applications, Technologies, and Opportunities Summit" took place last week in Berlin. Graphenea Business Development Director Iñigo Charola was on the speaker list, among science and business leaders that are shaping the graphene world today.

The Graphene Summit, in its second edition hosted by Vonlanthen Group, followed the course set in the first meeting last year and focused on bringing graphene to the market. Key practical points of the summit included the evaluation of alternative methods of production of large scale, low defect graphene, liquid exfoliation of graphene and other 2D materials, graphene in structural applications, opto-electronics, and supercapacitors. Naturally, the meeting fostered a discussion on strategic investment and getting graphene to the market.

On part of Graphenea, Iñigo spoke about the graphene market and roadmap. The presentation addressed key topics in commercialization of graphene, such as the current market situation and evolution forecasts, a review of high technology readiness level applications, and scalability.

"For graphenes to succeed, several key events need to occur", proclaimed Iñigo. "The material needs to be incorporated into current manufacturing processes, production needs to scale up, and the price will need to reflect the value for the end user. The graphene market will be driven by R&D needs over the next 3-5 years", added Iñigo.

Iñigo's presentation focused on graphene oxide and large area sheets of graphene, production directions in which Graphenea excels. Summit participants had the opportunity to catch up on today's market volumes, predictions of technological development, and industry roadmaps.

Graphenea salutes the increasing number of graphene business conferences, where key industry stakeholders mingle and share experiences and ideas.