Project INSIGHT for safe and sustainable chemical and material design

On February 15-16th the kick-off meeting of project INSIGHT took place in Helsinki. Representatives of 20 partners gathered for an insightful two days of deep science and thoughtful discussions, planning collaborations for the next 4 years.

The project aims to implement an ambitious R&I programme on 'Integrated Models for the Development and Assessment of High Impact Chemicals and Materials'. The partners come from 18 countries from all corners of the globe, to overcome the challenges that are currently hampering the emergence of a comprehensive approach to safe and sustainable by design (SSbD) chemicals and materials. The main goal is to develop an innovative framework for mechanistic impact assessment of chemicals and materials.

The INSIGHT framework will use a multi-layered approach that integrates data, models, and impact outcome pathway (IOP) graphs. INSIGHT will also provide curated and user-friendly FAIR data and computational models and workflows. INSIGHT aims to foster a paradigm shift in the assessment of sustainability and safety of chemicals and materials, from a fragmented situation to a holistic and integrated approach. The project will provide decision maps as a part of its integrated framework to guide users through the decision-making process, aiding them in evaluating the social, economic, health and environmental impacts of chemicals/materials in a more efficient and comprehensive manner.

By democratizing the use of cutting-edge AI methods to SSbD, INSIGHT will drive innovation towards a digital, circular, climate neutral and sustainable economy. INSIGHT will help the industry to optimize development and production of chemicals and materials and derived products, support regulators and policymakers in informed decision-making towards a safer and more sustainable society, and pave the way for a comprehensive approach to SSbD.