MEGAMORPH project for ultra-high resolution ultra-fast graphene displays

Graphenea is excited to announce the approval of our proposal for project “Market-Entry of Graphene-based large-Area MOdulators with a Radical Production of Holographic displays” (MEGAMORPH), funded in Phase 2 of ATTRACT. Lasting 26 months and coordinated by SCALE Nanotech, the project is worth 2 million EUR and aimed at developing evaluation kits for graphene-MEMS display technology. The ATTRACT framework has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme.

MEGAMORPH follows up on project GIMOD, which was implemented through ATTRACT Phase 1. Phase 2 focuses on go-to-market strategy, with evaluation kits enabling access to this technology for a wide array of customers. The consortium is composed of innovation leaders that reflect a market-driven nature to the project: SCALE Nanotech, Graphenea, Morphotonics, TNO, CIN-ergy and VividQ.

SCALE Nanotech is the startup that develops graphene modulator-based imaging systems, revolutionizing display technology for the augmented and virtual reality industries. The task at hand is to coordinate partner efforts to make the evaluation kit product enter the market by 2024.

The role of Graphenea on the project is to grow high-quality CVD graphene on sheets as large as A4 size. The graphene will be grown on copper-coated glasses or transferred onto a suitable substrate for the metasurface frontplane.

The acronym “MEGAMORPH” reflects the grand change that the project strives to achieve, which is one of vastly improving display performance for ultra-high refresh rates and ultra-high resolution, with lower data bandwidth and low power consumption.