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Graphenea research team grows

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Graphenea announces the hiring of Dr. Elías Torres Alonso, an expert in graphene production and applications, as Research Scientist. Dr. Torres will strengthen Graphenea’s research team, which prides itself in staying at the cutting edge of graphene science and technology.

Elías Torres Alonso studied Physics with a specialty in Physics of Materials at the Complutense University in Madrid (Spain), where he graduated in 2013. During 2014, he pursued a Master in Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials in Lund (Sweden), where he worked with III-V nanowires grown by MOVPE, especially InAs and InSb heterostructures for photovoltaic and electronic devices.

After that, he joined the group of Quantum Systems and Nanomaterials at Exeter University (UK) to carry out his PhD. There he worked with large area CVD graphene and FeCl3-FLG, liquid exfoliated graphene and graphene oxide for flexible optoelectronic applications and sensing purposes. His work aimed to bridge the gap between graphene research and applications, where scalable methods for graphene production and processing are required for the industry.

At Graphenea, Dr. Torres joins our growing research team that makes use of our Class 1000 cleanroom to produce high-quality graphene on large standard and custom substrates.

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  • Marko Spasenovic on


    That sounds like a good idea, although to the best of my knowledge the only graphene in prosthetics so far is related to prosthetic skin demonstrated last year. Other than prosthetics, graphene is being researched for other medical uses:

    Best regards,

  • pedro on

    Dear Sirs,

    Is is foreseeable to graphene application to medicine (i.e. prothesis which may be stronger tat titanium…)

    Thanks your comments,

    Pedro Mendoza

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