Graphenea in Newsweek

Graphenea CEO Jesus de la Fuente was interviewed for Newsweek as part of a report on innovation in the Basque Country. The report was written by Elite Reports and published in Newsweek at the beginning of July. The full text of the report can be read online.

Jesus spoke about how Graphenea was funded from the startup phase, and the important role that the Basque Country business community played in Graphenea's success. He also named the three industry segments that Graphenea is focusing on: semiconductors, batteries, and advanced polymers, all using graphene. Finally, Jesus briefly explained Graphenea's position in the global market and stated the company's plan for increasing market presence even further.

The report in Newsweek contains interviews with leaders of Basque Country technology companies, the Minister of Economic Development and Competitiveness, high level city officials including three mayors, presidents of banks, a university rector, wine production and culinary industry representatives, agricultural co-op leaders, the director of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, tourism, port and rail chiefs, and other culture, industry and innovation leaders. All interviewees agree that the Basque Country is an excellent environment for innovation, business and investment.

The online text, which is free to read, contains a tasteful description of the main provinces and cities of Basque Country, with a focus on the most pronounced industries: art & culture, gastronomy, and high technology.