Graphene market and applications

Horizon, the EU Research & Innovation Magazine, published an interview with Graphenea's Scientific Director Amaia Zurutuza. In the interview, Amaia spoke about the graphene market.


In the interview, Amaia gives some examples on future uses of graphene, like in sensors, photodetectors, and high-speed electronics, but points out that the Graphene Flagship roadmap specifies many more applications to come.


Amaia predicts a gradual increase in market size for the next few years, and explains that Graphenea is following the market carefully and choosing research and business directions with great care. She warns that the current market might still be showing some effects of hype:


I don’t know what will be the [market] increase each year. But until we have industrial applications, it will be a modest increase.


Amaia emphasizes our position as a most active participant in the Flagship program, and how that has enabled us to play an important role in increasing the technology readiness level of graphene applications.



Horizon magazine is the European Union magazine that writes about research and innovation trends and reports on the EU's Framework Programmes, which have funded breakthrough research since 1984. Apart from directing our scientific research team, Amaia is a graphene applications champion, having given many interviews and conference talks on the topic. Her commentary in Nature Nanotechnology titled “Challenges and opportunities in graphene commercialization” has drawn over 10,000 views in the year since its publication, and she is widely considered an expert on graphene commercialization and applications.