Graphenea selected among top 15 EU scaleups

Graphenea was selected as one of Europe's top scaleups – fast growing startups – and is presenting at Silicon Valley's “SEC2SV European Innovation Day (EID)”. The EID is an action oriented investors' day, bringing together stakeholders from the Silicon Valley and Europe's most promising startup companies. Fifteen businesses from ten countries were selected. Cumulatively, the 15 startups represent over $60 million in revenue and 1,000 employees, although each company has $1-5M in revenue and 20-200 employees.

Image: Graphenea selected among 15 top EU scaleups.

The EID was the opening day of this week's meeting “Startup Europe Comes To Silicon Valley” (SEC2SC). Topics discussed at EID included Silicon Valley trends, top EU scaleups, EU & US cooperation, startups/innovation vs. regulation, investments and acquisitions, etc. The meeting was honored by the presence of many key figures in business, education, and politics, including a president of state, EU commissioners, ambassadors, cabinet ministers, and university representatives. Graphenea CEO Jesus de la Fuente took the opportunity to showcase the unique benefits and potential of graphene.

Image: Graphenea CEO Jesus de la Fuente presenting at EID.

The other days of the week are also focused on promoting EU – US business relations, but instead of a lecture format relations are established through discussions and workshops. Tuesday hosted workshops on talent, growth, and funding, while Wednesday focused on policy making, communications, and legal aspects. The rest of SEC2SC left time for partner meetings and social events.

Image: HQ of Airbnb, where parts of the meeting were held.

The meeting was inspired by SVC2UK (Silicon Valley Comes to United Kingdom), an annual summit to take place in November this year. The primary goal of these meetings is to create and foster a policy and business dialog between both sides of the Atlantic, helping startups from both continents to scale up beyond their borders.