Harvard Fellows to join Graphenea

Graphenea Inc. will collaborate with Harvard University through the Harvard Ventures Fellowship program, which will teach five bright students about startup company life. The students will work as a team on a project with Graphenea Inc., enriching their studies with hands-on startup experience and learning about Graphenea Inc. in particular.

Harvard Ventures Fellowships are offered by Harvard College Ventures, the undergraduate entrepreneurship club at Harvard University. The student-led club connects passionate individuals across the Harvard campus with each other and provides them with the resources to launch and improve their startups. A core element of the club's activity is drawing experience from local startups, hence the club organizes frequent meetings of the students with local entrepreneurs. In line with this mission, Graphenea CEO Jesus de la Fuente spoke to students last week, telling the story of Graphenea and discussing possible student participation through fellowships. Graphenea has numerous active scientific collaborations with Harvard University.

Graphenea Inc. is the year-old outpost of Graphenea in North America, headquartered in Boston, MA, in close proximity to Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Apart from developing collaborative projects with those two partners, and acting as a sales outpost for its renown high-quality graphene, Graphenea Inc houses an “Applications Laboratory” to help develop custom graphene materials. The students will work on business projects related to the company's activities in directions of advanced polymers, thermal interface materials, energy storage, and (bio)sensors.