Graphenea named among top 50 nanotech companies

Graphenea was selected among 50 most promising nanotechnology companies by the French consultancy firm Nanothinking. Nanothinking is best known for producing an interactive online world map of nanotech companies, with over 4,000 registered businesses.

With an estimated number of nanotechnology researchers worldwide surpassing 100,000, this is one of the most burgeoning fields of science and technology. And if scientific progress moves at headspinning pace, practical applications of the research are not always immediately obvious. Companies like Graphenea are the essential middleman between science and commercial use, utilizing the manpower and knowhow specifically aimed at bringing new technologies to production. Graphenea employs 12 people, many of whom are scientists and engineers, working side by side with technology entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Nanotechnology is a multidisciplinary field of research, bridging material science, medicine, biology, and chemistry. It is a wide and colorful landscape, with much potential for expansion in uncharted directions. Selections and reports like this one foster the flow of knowledge between companies operating in different branches of nanotechnology, accelerating the progress of industry.