Graphenea reduces prices in 2015

Graphenea marked the beginning of 2015 with a reduction in the price of several graphene products, similar to the price reduction that the company performed at the beginning of last year. The reduction in price was made possible by improved process yield and increased production volume due to rising sales of some of our products.


For example, the price of multilayer graphene films has dropped on average 30%, making this product more affordable for advanced electronic applications which it is widely used for. This is the kind of graphene we and our collaborators used to build a graphene-based OLEDs that outperformed standard ones that use ITO.


Our customers who use monolayer graphene will also enjoy the 20% drop in the price of graphene on copper, which now costs $319 for a disk 4” in diameter.


In addition to reducing the price of those products, Graphenea introduced new products to satisfy the needs of an evolving market. We now offer a 2,5 liter bottle of graphene oxide (GO), at a concentration of 4 mg/mL in water. The price of that bottle is only $599, yielding a nearly 40% discount compared to the 1 liter bottle. GO in water was one of our top selling products of 2014, as it is a popular additive for enhancing the properties of composites. Aside from the larger package, we now offer GO with a reduced concentration of 0.5 mg/mL, which our customers can purchase in 250 mL packages for only $59.


We've also introduced packages of mono- and bi-layer graphene on SiO2/Si, sold in packages of one, for those first experiments with graphene.


The price of graphene has been dropping due to increased production volumes and process improvements in the past years. It is interesting to note that our latest price drop brings us exactly in line with the 2013 prediction of the price of graphene for 2015, as depicted in our article “The price of graphene”. We are confident that we can keep following this trend, which should soon make graphene cheaper than silicon. Bringing down the price will be a key factor in the commercialization of graphene-based products.


We would like to take this opportunity to remind our customers to take a look at our refreshed product catalog, and to extend our invitation to contact us if you have any requests that are not fed by the online catalog. At the same time, we extend our best wishes to everyone in 2015!