Graphenea newsletter surpasses 1,000 subscribers

Graphenea is proud to announce that our newsletter has grown to over 1,000 subscribers, in under two years of activity. The number of subscribers has nearly doubled over the past year.


The number of subscribers to our newsletter keeps growing.


As our customer base keeps expanding and the global interest in graphene continues to rise, the Graphenea newsletter (and the associated blog on our website) has become an integral part of the graphene community. The blog and newsletter bring important company updates, such as openings of new branches, new additions to the team, and new financial support, but we also strive to provide a global overview of the graphene industry by reporting from graphene events worldwide. To be sure that the bellies of our readers are filled with nutritious resources, we complete the dish by regularly reviewing our most recent scientific publications and providing our popular overviews of particular graphene research directions.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank our loyal customer and readership base for their continued support and interest. We welcome any comments and suggestions.