Graphenea in the media

Our research on gold nanoantennas on graphene attracted the attention of scientists and media alike. The ability to efficiently direct impinging light waves into a graphene sheet is exciting for opto-electronic and photo-voltaic applications alike, the former related to optical data processing, and the latter related to harvesting the energy of light. Furthermore, the demonstration that the same light waves can be steered by local changes in the conductivity, for example by applying voltage to an underlying gate, adds to the excitement of the presented results.

Equally exciting was a recent article in Financial Times, featuring information on Graphenea and messages from our CEO Jesus de la Fuente. The main focus of the article is the EU research and development (R&D) budget. According to FT, EU should be spending more on innovation. Graphene is featured in the article as one of the EU's key innovation advantages, with Graphenea taking the spotlight. To quote:

In 2013, the EU launched a €1bn research programme that aims to find ways of commercialising graphene. San Sebastián-based Graphenea is likely to be one of the main beneficiaries of this 10-year investment push. It is one of a group of small companies making graphene, mainly for research and development.

Both Jesus and Professor Andrea Ferrari of the Cambridge Graphene Centre agreed that there is a long way to walk before graphene applications go mainstream, and that the EU must provide relentless investment in research if it intends to be a leader of the graphene industry.

You can meet Jesus and our Business Development Director Iñigo Charola, as well as many other business leaders, at the Graphene Supply, Application, and Commercialisation summit in Manchester next week (June 12-13). The meeting will be hosted by the University of Manchester National Graphene Institute. Topics will span the entire graphene device production chain, from supply, to development, to integration. See you there!