Graphene LIVE! - networking with the graphene industry

The Graphene LIVE! series of events visited Berlin last week, bringing the latest in graphene manufacturing and applications alongside co-located conferences on Printed Electronics, Energy Harvesting & Storage, and SuperCapacitors. Our CEO Jesus de la Fuente was on the spot, participating in a session on “the graphene opportunity in supercapacitors”, with his lecture “"Graphene Market Opportunities in Energy Storage Applications”.

Graphenea has been increasingly focusing on the use of graphene for energy, as testified, for example, by the million-euro investment in Graphenea's energy research, or by our regular “energy bulletin” on this blog. Just a few weeks ago, Jesus showed our interest in the energy community by participating in the Cleantech Forum San Francisco 2014.

“The Graphene LIVE! events are a great opportunity for the graphene community to meet and provide an updated picture of the state-of-the-art in graphene business. The European meetings bring a different flavor of companies than the ones held in the US, which is particularly interesting for Graphenea,” stated Jesus.



Graphene LIVE! occurs twice a year, once in the US and once in Europe. On both occasions, it is hosted alongside related industry conferences and trade shows, such as the famous Printed Electronics conference. The combined event allows for graphene manufacturers to meet representatives of industries further down the production chain, establishing meaningful contacts which often lead to fruitful collaboration. The events are organized by IDTechEx, a technology consultancy headquartered in Cambridge, UK, since 1999. Apart from the graphene events, IDTechEx is known in the graphene community for its valuable market reports and analyses.

The event in Berlin last week brought together users, material providers, equipment makers, policymakers, academics and investors from more than 30 countries. It covered more than 30 speakers over the two days.