Graphenea expands distribution network to Singapore and Southeast Asia

Graphenea has signed an agreement with Insight interAsia, under which interAsia will act as a distributor for Graphenea's graphene products in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Insight InterAsia is a technical sales, marketing, and business development company headquartered in Singapore, with branch offices and representatives throughout Southeast Asia. The company markets technology products and services spanning several inter-related industries, such as semiconductor, MEMS, nanotech, sensors, cleantech, biopharma, energy, and automotive. Insight interAsia's expertise in diverse technologies allows the company to merge their experience and deploy customized technology to serve the different industries.

interAsia started their business by exclusively selling into the semiconductor (SC) manufacturing market. From there, expanding into photovoltaic (PV) systems went naturally, as PV shares much of the same infrastructure with the SC industry. From PV and energy storage systems, they began to meet the needs of many customers in the alternative energy arena, expanding from Singapore to the rest of Asia. The semiconductor manufacturing and clean energy work led the company to the automotive technology market.

Likewise, from their roots in the semiconductor market they seamlessly moved into nanotechnology, MEMS, and sensor markets, which share many end users with the standard SC market. By starting to provide biomedical devices and bioMEMS devices – and by expanding their bionanomedical intellectual property portfolio – the company pushed into pharmaceutical manufacturing (which has some processes in common with semiconductor fabrication).

Singapore and Southeast Asia are important regions for graphene research, as witnessed, for example, by the success of the Graphene Research Centre at the National University of Singapore. With the current agreement, Graphenea makes use of a local business and technology expert to make their graphene very competitive on this expanding and strategically important market.