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Graphenea increases production yield and reduces prices

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At the beginning of 2014, Graphenea has reduced prices of various forms of graphene by an average of 27% compared to last year's prices. The reasons for this most recent reduction are increased production efficiency, an improvement in process yield, and the acquisition of new lab equipment.

For example, a four-pack of graphene monolayers on 10mm x 10mm Si/SiO2 substrate now costs only 175 EUR (229 USD). If you provide your own substrate, our experts will use their specialty graphene transfer process to cover your substrate at a cost of only 135 EUR (179 USD). Larger wafers, up to 4", are also available. Graphene oxide now costs only 89 EUR (119 USD) for 250mL (water dispersion, 4mg/mL). For a full list of updated prices, refer to our graphene product listing.

Monolayer Graphene on SiO2/Si

Graphenea is committed to providing high quality graphene at competitive prices. In addition, we focus on high batch-to-batch reproducibility, because we know that dependability and integrity are what keeps our customers coming back for more. In line with this focus, this year Graphenea is investing in improved quality control equipment and processes.

Graphenea is one of the key players in the graphene industry, creating value to both the research community and the emerging industry by offering outstanding materials at very competitive prices. We are able to offer high volume contracts to meet specific customer or application needs. Potential customers are invited to contact us by email with any special requests.

We expect that the price of graphene will continuously decrease year by year, according to market volume increases (for a more detailed overview of historic and predicted prices of graphene, see our article "Price of graphene"). Graphenea wishes everyone a happy and productive 2014!

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  • Marko Spasenovic on

    We actually wrote a series of articles on graphene for energy generation and storage. I suggest you start with this one:

    If that doesn’t answer your questions, please come back here with a comment. Thanks for interacting.

  • wbeetge on

    Question about using graphene oxide as electrolyte in flow battery, similar to all iron flow battery and all vanadium battery.
    I have very little chemistry knowledge, but being a champion for green technology, I finf the latest developments in energy storage fascinating.
    If graphite oxide dissolves in water and becomes graphene oxide, would it not be possible to prepare an anolyte and catolyte for a flow battery?
    Since a flow battery is actually only a large capacitor, will a graphene based electrolyte not be a more dense electrolyte than metal based oxides? This will lead to more dense battery making it affordable for a home based power storage system.

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