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Graphene Live! USA 2013

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Last week, Graphenea participated in Graphene Live! USA 2013. Jesús de la Fuente, our CEO, gave an invited talk at the “Graphene in Energy Storage Applications” part of the event. The audience was treated to an overview of the applications of graphene for:

  • Lithium ion batteries
  • Supercapacitors
  • Fuel cells
  • Redox flow batteries

To close the presentation, Jesús talked about “Ultrathin rechargeable all-solid-state batteries based on monolayer graphene”, Graphenea's recent publication in the Journal of Materials Chemistry A. The paper is a result of a success story of using graphene for an energy storage application.

The battery described in the work has a total thickness of only 50 micrometers. This ultrathin battery showed a maximum energy density of 10 W h L-1, and a maximum power density of 300 W L-1 , higher than most other batteries have shown. It also showed excellent cyclic stability, meaning that battery quality remains high even after many charge-discharge cycles. The battery sustained a discharge current density of 100 mA cm2 over 100 cycles, maintaining energy capacity over 0.02 mA h cm2. This work was performed in collaboration with Nokia.

Graphene Live! is the largest series of events focusing on applications of graphene, and one of the biggest graphene conferences overall. This year, the event brought together users, material providers, equipment makers, policymakers, academics and investors from more than 30 countries. Graphene Live! USA 2013 was held in Santa Clara (CA), attracting 160 exhibitors, over 200 presentations, and approximately 2,200 attendees. Exhibitor attendance grew by 50% and the number of attendees grew by 35% compared to the previous year. The event was hosted by IDTechEx and was co-located alongside Printed Electronics USA and OLEDs Live! USA.

The main topics (graphene applications) discussed at the conference were touch screens and ITO replacement, energy storage (supercapacitors and batteries), logic and memory, graphene composites, functional inks and sensors, and bio-electronics. The next Graphene Live! event will be held at the beginning of April 2014 in Berlin.

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  • R. Roger Diehl on

    In the September 2013 edition of “Readers Digest”, magazine there is an article about a high school girl, 18yrs old, who won an International Science and Engineering Fair that was sponsored by the Intel Corporation.
    Her win was that she(supposedly) designed and built
    a supercapacitor that was extremely small,could last
    through 10,000 cycle charges, and could charge in 30
    seconds. (Does this sound familiar?) For her effort(?)she won $50,000.
    I’m sure that Intel is working toward graphene supercapacitors. I think something smells fishy here! WHAT SAY YOU?

  • L.K. Weber on

    I am not a scientist, simply an interested observer. I predict;
    Next will be solar power when Grapene nanotechnology will become the end all of solar energy capture and storage! L.K.Weber CDR USN Ret.,

  • Bienvenido Andino on

    Great! I would love to know if such batteries could be used to store the electricity captured by the solar panels (photovoltaics). If affimartive, do you fear that a penalty will be applied to the user of such stored electricity used as our Spanish State?, or it is our Spanish Government?,is in the way of issuing a law (Decreto Real)to forbid the use of storing electricity from solar panels…..
    Wonder if the UE will grant it.

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