New product for seamless graphene biosensing

Grapheal and Graphenea have partnered to accelerate research on biosensors with a new graphene-based product – GraphLAB. GraphLAB is a new generation of assays for disease screening and protein detection.

The product is a modular system, combining electronic measurement control units, software for programmed acquisition and analysis, and an optional pipetting robot. As such, GraphLAB is the ideal R&D tool to automate functionalization and measurement of graphene-based sensors and to perform detection statistics.

The electronics module of GraphLAB is based on high-quality 24-bit acquisition setup capable of acquiring both temporal data and field-effect curves. One module only requires a USB connection for power and communication. Each unit connects to 16 graphene field-effect transistors (GFETs). With extension options for 6 or more units, more than 96 GFETs can be tracked simultaneously. The module allows for high-resolution digital acquisition of signals coming from many sensor devices at the same time. The system is shipped with OpentronsTM-compatible boxes that enable seamless connection to Graphenea GFET S-20 chips for measurements in liquid medium and robotic integration.

The GraphLAB software is fully integrated and combines advanced automation programming, acquisition protocols, and post-treatment with both Dirac voltage and capacitance change detection, together with real-time conductance shift analysis. The biosensing focus of the software, the customizability, the out-of-the-box compatibility with commercially available GFET chips, combined with the expert support, make GraphLAB a unique software package on the market.

GraphLAB is a unique product that further lowers the entry barriers for graphene biosensor research and applications.

About Grapheal

Grapheal is a spin-off company from CNRS-Grenoble (France). Incorporated in 2019, Grapheal is focussing on the biomedical applications of graphene. Grapheal brings connectivity to biosensing by designing embedded biosensors and wearables. Grapheal's devices aim to provide diagnostics and remote patient monitoring solutions, focusing on pathogens field detection and on continuous monitoring of chronic wounds. Grapheal has finalized the design of two consumer grade products in those fields and has been named a CES® 2022 "Best in Innovation" Awards Honoree for its Covid-19 digital diagnostic test TestNpass™.

About Graphenea

Graphenea is a technology company created in 2010, specialised in the production of graphene. Graphenea has clients in more than 60 countries, with offices in San Sebastián (Spain) and Boston (USA). Through research and innovation, Graphenea supports its customers by producing new forms of graphene from graphene field effect transistor chips to graphene oxides, whilst maintaining its leadership in the expanding graphene production sector.