Graphenea reduces its environmental footprint and stays carbon neutral

Graphenea keeps strongly contributing to minimizing environmental footprint. The company has calculated and compensated its footprint at the Spanish registry of carbon footprint for 2022, confirming that it stays carbon neutral as in previous years.

Already in 2019, 2020 and 2021, Graphenea calculated their carbon footprint, which entitled them to level 1 of the program. Based on the calculation for the year 2021, Graphenea has offset their carbon footprint by participating in the restoration of a forest region in Galicia, which moved the company to level 2 of the program.

Last year, thanks to energetic efficiency improvements, the carbon footprint was reduced from 49 tons CO2 equivalent in 2021 to 24 tons CO2 equivalent in 2022, a 49% reduction. As the average of the 2020-2021-2022 carbon footprint is a 38,69% lower than the 2019-2020-2021 average, the company was awarded a "REDUCE" stamp by the registry, achieving the highest possible level of the program.

The 24 tons CO2 equivalent from 2022 have been offset with a reforestation project located in Salceda de Caselas (Galicia, Spain) with the plantation of pine trees, oaks and chestnut trees on an area that burned in 2017.

Forest restoration contributes to carbon sequestration, the process of capturing and storing atmospheric carbon dioxide. Graphenea is actively looking for new ways to reduce carbon footprint and environmental impact, such as implementing greener technologies and reducing energy needs. Graphenea is committed to creating a better future for everyone by reducing their carbon footprint and raising awareness about the importance of environmental conservation.