Graphene Foundry Service Webinar

On Tuesday, February 9th, our very own Dr. Elías Torres Alonso will present our Graphene Foundry Service at a webinar hosted by the Graphene Council.

After a decade of extensive research, graphene technology has matured and is ready to enter the market through CVD graphene-based devices. The Graphenea Foundry, a unique vertical integration manufacturing scheme that houses complete graphene manufacturing and processing under one roof, is a novel platform that customers can use to rapidly obtain high-quality graphene devices in small or large series.

“The Foundry service is our way of serving our customers to reach their goals with graphene as quickly and reliably as possible”, says Dr. Torres. “The platform can be used by customers with any level of graphene expertise and at any stage of product development, from prototyping, development, scaling up, to commercialization. During my talk, I will showcase how the Foundry works and how it can benefit our customers”.


Download slides from the webinar here: