Graphene Flagship Annual Report highlights accelerated pace to market

 “The Graphene Flagship has proven very successful in taking fundamental research to applications”, states Flagship Director Jari Kinaret on the first page of the Graphene Flagship Annual Report for 2019. As the project enters the next phase, Core 3, the Director highlights the use of graphene in biomedical, environmental, and telecommunications applications that made significant progress and impact during the previous phase.

Two special activities were developed that are of crucial importance to bringing graphene to industrial maturity: the Validation Service and the Experimental Pilot Line, set to launch in 2020. Overall, the Flagship has doubled the usual pace of innovation, achieving tangible results in just six years. Core 3 is expected to make acceleration to the market even faster, with 30% of the budget assigned to market-oriented Spearhead Projects.

Graphenea is highlighted as one of five SME’s setting the pace of graphene commercialisation, through our focus on production and processing of graphene. Our activities span the Flagship, including some of the Spearhead Projects.

The project has transitioned into Core 3, the fourth funding cycle of the billion-euro research initiative funded by the European Commission, at the beginning of April 2020.