Improved graphene at a reduced price - our new 4" graphene wafer

Our new large area graphene on SiO2Graphenea has improved its graphene coverage and reduced the price per unit area with our new product: graphene on a 4" Si/SiO2 wafer. The graphene is a high-quality monolayer which covers the full 100mm diameter wafer. This large graphene on Si/SiO2 wafer keeps the uniformity and excellent quality of our graphene over the entire wafer.

For graphene growth we use our established CVD growth method that our customers can rely on, preserving the high mobility and low sheet resistance. Our CVD graphene is being used by leading research departments and labs around the world. Full specs can be found on the product page, where customers can also directly place their orders.

Graphenea continues to serve the community with high quality and low cost graphene for any purpose. Contact us in case your needs are not met by our extensive product catalogue!