Graphenea on advisory board of Graphene Stakeholders Association

Graphenea is this month's "spotlight member" of the Graphene Stakeholders Association (GSA). The GSA is a non-profit organization established to promote the responsible development of graphene products. Graphenea CEO Jesus de la Fuente sits on the advisory board of the GSA.  

Graphene is emerging as one of the most promising materials ever discovered – one that has the potential to play a vital role in the development of advanced technologies in key industry segments, including computing, electronics, energy, defense, health care, telecommunications, and transportation. The GSA was created to foster graphene-based education, technical collaboration, scientific exchange, and value and job creation through successful commercialization. It is envisioned that GSA members will be part of a premier network that joins all major graphene stakeholders – researchers, government agencies, producer and user companies.

The GSA intends to facilitate graphene commercialization activities through networking and partnerships. GSA board members include leaders of graphene companies, but also seasoned technology entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, intellectual property specialists, and scientific researchers. There is significant overlap with chief executives of the NanoBusiness Commercialization Association (NBCA). The NBCA is a long-established organization serving a similar purpose as the GSA, but for the broader nanotechnology community. The experience brought by the NBCA executives is expected to help the organization process of the GSA.

Among the planned activities of the GSA are to monitor progress and to develop action plans through regular web conferences and meetings. The GSA will communicate the benefits and progress of the graphene industry as a whole to public and private thought leaders and influencers including, where appropriate, governmental agencies and regulatory bodies.

We look forward to a lasting relationship and mutual benefit with the Graphene Stakeholders Association. Graphenea will keep you updated on our joint activities with the GSA!