Graphene Live – USA

Graphene Live is a serie of conferences where material providers, equipment makers, policymakers  industrials, investors and academics meet and speak about the market of graphene. Several topics are presented, from the applications, to the technology developments through the appearance of new market sectors. The last episode was held last December in Santa Clara, California, USA and visitors from more than 30 countries where attending the conference.

Tradeshow Graphene and printed electronics

Printed Electronics and Flexible BooksIn addition to the different talks, a tradeshow was combined between an other event about Printed Electronics. It was a perfect place to meet partners in graphene if you work in the printed electronics area. For instance, Novacentrix, Heraeus Precious Metals, Roth & Rau or Thin Film Electronics were exhibiting there. 

A « demonstration street » had also been prepared with the latest technology in printed flexible displays such as posters, e-readers, audio paper, interactive games, OLED displays, electronics in fabrics, interactive printed controls and menus, printed RFID and much more.

Conference about graphene

Graphene Live was definetely the hotest place to hear about graphene last year : 4 keynotes, 5 talks about touch screen and replacement for ITO, two presentations about manufacturing and equipment and many more on various applications such as sensors, quantum materials or energy storage with graphene.
Amaia ZurutuzaGraphenea was happy to attend the conference, and our Scientific Director, Amaia Zurutuza, gave a presentation about synthesis, transfer, characterization and potential applications of graphene in an industrial context. Her dedicated work here in Spain has already lead to the publication of a Nature article as well as a patent filed.

Graphene Live Europe

The next event will be hosted in Europe, in Berlin (Germany). Be sure to save the date (April 17th and 18th, 2013) since Jesus De La Fuente, Graphenea's CEO, will be there to give a presentation. The two days will follow the same organization as the one from the USA. If you are an investor, an electronics manufacturer or just a graphene curious, come and meet us there. We will be happy to discuss with you.

What was the last conference about graphene that you attended? Did you like it or not? Drop a line of comment below to start the discussion.