Nokia's New Flexible Phone

Not such a long time ago, say five to six years, people were still using wide and heavy cell phones. They were only able to do one thing : to give a phone call. Nowadays, the technology enabled smart phones : they are able to browse the web, to be your personal assistant, you play games with them, and you even record movies or take photos that could be instantly uploaded on Facebook or Tweeter. What a revolution !

Nokia Human Form 

However progress is a never ending story. You cannot spend a week without discovering some new high tech device. In the world of graphene, this is happening at a very impressive pace. One good thing with graphene, is that its applications are never far from the public's attention. Remember our article about graphene enhancing batteries' lifetime ? Cellphone and tablets producers are already thinking about graphene to improve their devices.

Graphene enables flexible phones

Nokia N3310In a word, when you use graphene, electronics becomes smaller and flat. Since it becomes possible to build very thin, transparent and flexible electrodes, many industry sectors will embrace the technology. For instance we produce graphene for Nokia and they are planning on releasing a flexible phone soon.  We have already presented the project of flexible display sooner this year. This time Nokia goes further and enters the race of flexible phones. At the moment, no precise date is given by Nokia or any other electronic firm. However, Nokia released a video clip showing the possibility of such a phone. It is quite amazing to think ten years in the past, and compare this phone with the famous N3310 for example.

In the video you can appreciate the flexibility and the transparency of the device. All that is due to graphene electrodes. Here at Graphenea we are very impatient to see this kind of phone on the market. What about you?