Graphenea celebrates fifth anniversary

On April 9th, Graphenea celebrated its fifth anniversary. Graphenea has gone a long way from its startup phase as a small graphene manufacturer. The company now serves customers in more than 50 countries, with distribution centers in the Middle East and the Far East. To better serve the American continents, Graphenea established a branch in Cambridge near Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Graphenea currently employs twelve people, including highly skilled scientists, laboratory technicians, and business officers. In 2014, the company announced a yearly turnover of $1.2 million, more than doubling the result of 2013. The year before that, the energy giant Repsol provided a $1.36 million capital investment boost to Graphenea’s graphene production.

The product catalog of Graphenea has meanwhile swollen much beyond CVD graphene, now including graphene on custom substrates and various forms of graphene oxide, for a total of 24 standard products and more at customers’ request. The company’s scientific customers often require graphene on special substrates, and for that purpose Graphenea has specialized in high quality transfer of CVD-grown graphene, leading to a recently approved patent.

Collaboration with world-leading scientists is an integral part of Graphenea’s business model. A close connection with the academic research community has led to 17 publications in high impact scientific journals, 6 of which were published in Science and the Nature family of journals. The company’s scientific and business team shares the latest results through invited and contributed talks at conferences worldwide. The conferences are in turn used as springboards to launch new collaborations and research directions.

On the EU level, Graphenea participates in several European projects. Most notably, the company is the leading graphene provider in the ten year, billion euro Graphene Flagship consortium. Sitting at the heart of the Flagship keeps Graphenea connected to the world’s best organized graphene research and commercialization movement.

We are looking forward to the next five years, as Graphenea enters another level of maturity. Our vision is to lead the graphene production market producing outstanding materials for the industry and research community.