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  • Innovative graphene-based electronic devices have been studied, demonstrated and prototyped during the Graphene FET Flagship project.
  • Graphene Electronic Devices includes GFET (Graphene Field-Effect Transistors) that are multipurpose chips that can be used in advanced photonics (photosensors, x-ray sensors, optical communications) and sensors (chemical sensors, biosensors, hall sensors, pressure sensors) among other applications.
  • Currently, GFETs devices are manually produced in a labour intensive, low scale (individual prototypes), small wafer size (<50mm) and very low production yield (high % of device failure).
  • The research community and industry have a great interest on these devices.
  • The current Semiconductor manufacturers (Fabs) are focused in very large volume markets (+ 1 million units) so there is an opportunity for a Graphene Fab (GFAB) that produces GFETs according to customer’s specifications.
  • The objective of this project is to assess the feasibility of launching a new “Graphene Electronic Devices Fab” (GFAB) business that will offer Graphene Electronic Devices fabrication to the industry and research centres.
  • Specially, the so called GFETs (Graphene Field Effect Transistors) have been developed during the FET Graphene Flagship project. GFETs are a special type of Graphene Electronic Devices that offer higher performance for a wide range of applications.
  • The Graphene Electronic Devices must be produced under certified cleanroom manufacturing environment (ISO verified) using industry standard wafer sizes (150mm, 200mm and/or 300mm) offering a reliable, cost-competitive, fast and high yield product (ideally +95% yield).
  • A complete supply chain must be defined by the incorporation of partners in the materials producers, IC (integrated circuits) design, semiconductor fabs, and equipment manufacturers sectors.
  •  This business will have an outstanding impact in the photonics and sensors industry and will accelerate the adoption of Graphene technology in other applications.

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