Graphenea coauthors Nature publication

Nature has published a paper coauthored by Graphenea Research team: Optical nano-imaging of gate-tunable graphene plasmons. Using Graphene materials produced by Graphenea, alliance between nanoelectronics and nano-optics has been demonstrated. This enables the development of active subwavelength-scale optics and a plethora of nano-optoelectronic devices and functionalities, such as tunable metamaterials, nanoscale optical processing, and strongly enhanced light–matter interactions for quantum devices and biosensing applications.

The work has beed developed in collaboration with Researchers from CIC nanoGUNE Consolider, CSIC-UPV/EHU, DIPC,

ICFO, IQFR-CSIC, Neaspec GmbH, Graphenea SA, CNM-IMB-CSIC, GREMAN and Ikerbasque.

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