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Graphene Oxide (4 mg/mL, Water Dispersion 250 mL)

Graphene Oxide (4 mg/mL, Water Dispersion 250 mL)
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Graphenea - More Than Just A Graphene Company

Graphenea exists for two reasons - to research and develop graphene and to meet the demand for high quality graphene. We’re more than just a graphene company, we’re leaders and pioneers too.

We specialise in producing CVD graphene films and liquid exfoliated graphene oxide, but we are more than capable of producing much more than that. We can meet almost any custom graphene requirement.

Our graphene products are used in next generation integrated circuits, solar cells, ultracapacitors, batteries, airplanes, automobiles, conductive coatings, flexible displays, and touch panels, and our customers include Nokia, Philips, Nissan and Canon.

It’s not just some of the world’s biggest companies that we work with though, we offer graphene at affordable prices to make it accessible to laboratories, research teams and universities too.

We’re based in San Sebastian, but we work with, and supply graphene to, companies and researchers all around the world. Our reach stretches from Europe to the U.S. to Asia and beyond.

So, whatever your graphene requirements are, and wherever you’re based, we’re ready and waiting to help you however we can.

You can contact us at info@graphenea.com, sales@graphenea.com or via our contact form.

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