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Electron Mobility contest

Jesus de la Fuente

Have you obtained good Electron Mobility measurements using our Graphene?

Share with the community your results and measure methods!!

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  • Stijn Goossens on

    We have seen this thin film residue after O2 etching in our experiments. We think it has to do with some fluor left in the RIE chamber. We always clean the chamber for 3h at 200W in an oxygen plasma before doing the real etching. It helps, but, unfortunately, one time we still encountered the thin film.

  • Søren Petersen on

    300 degree isnt really hard….. have you tried 1000 degrees?

  • Adam Gilbertson on

    Thanks, I have tried soaking in acetone at 45deg for 6 hours with no effect. What baking conditions do you suggest? Tried annealing in vacuum and N2/H2 at various temperatures around 300deg…

  • Søren Petersen on

    You need hot acetone, not just acetone… and baking.

  • Adam Gilbertson on

    Has anyone found that after patterning Graphene using an O2 plasma and resist mask, a thin but continuous resist residue film remains on the surface where the resist pattern was? It is very difficult to remove.

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