G4SEMI Project

Objective of the project:

G4SEMI goal is to create added value through the introduction of high performing Graphene-on-wafer at competitive cost, accelerating innovation for the advanced semiconductor industry and eventually creating a new product category. This new area of development will make it possible for the European industry to harness this market high potential, fostering competitiveness and creating growth throughout the EU. This project will allow Graphenea Semiconductor to become the worldwide leader as Graphene-on-wafer producer with the necessary production capacity to supply the semiconductor industry and the research laboratories. More specifically, the G4SEMI objectives are:

• To develop ready-to-integrate Graphene-on-wafers for the semiconductor industry (memory devices, photosensors or biosensors).

 • To produce custom made Graphene-on-wafer for each of the 3 different applications.

• Increase process yield and implement an automated and optimised quality control.

• To supply 100mm, 150mm and 200mm wafers (industry standards) to the semiconductor market.

• Scale production capacity to more than 10,000 wafers/year to demonstrate commercial viability.

• Reduce more than 10 times the Graphene-on-wafer cost per cm2 (by scaling up and improving quality control).

Graphenea Semiconductor has validated and patented a highly efficient Graphene-on-wafer production process and its application into electronic devices.

Graphenea Semiconductor will be able to introduce Graphene-on-wafer materials at industrial scale positively impacting the €545 billion semiconductor devices market. 


Project funded by H2020 SME Instrument