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Graphenea Card 


The Graphenea Card interfaces the graphene microdevice and the electrical equipment used for its readout. This card is a printed circuit board (PCB) with a socket into which insert a leadless chip carrier (LCC), connected to a series of switches that link to the input/output BNC connectors. These structures are duplicated, allowing for parallel or multiplexed testing. The PCB is fully compatible with the mGFET 4x4 series. It The individual source switches allow to choose an individual channel or to
combine multiple at the same time. The 3 safety global switches for source, drain and gate enable to electrically isolate the board to replace the mGFET after a measurement in a quick and safe manner



Typical Specifications

  • · A reusable, intuitive interface, fully compatible with the mGFET 4x4 series
  • · Choose to measure sequentially or multiple devices at once
  • · Two sockets per board enable parallel or multiplexed testing
  • · High-quality components for a reliable readout, even at low power
  • · Coaxial SMA connectors for an easy link with the measurement equipment


Graphene field-effect transistors (GFETs) have unprecedented sensitivity to the surrounding environment and is an ideal transducer for a variety of sensing applications.  Depending on the application, GFETs can be tuned to be sensitive only to the stimulus of interest and have shown breakthrough performance in areas such as graphene device research, biosensors, chemical sensors, bioelectronics, pre-clinical tests, healthcare and industrial detectors applications


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