Suspended Monolayer Graphene on TEM Grids (Quantifoil Gold) - Pack 4 units

Graphene TEM Grids

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Suspended Monolayer Graphene on TEM Grids (Quantifoil) - Pack 4 units

This monolayer graphene is grown by CVD and transferred onto a Quantifoil TEM grid. The graphene is suspended (no substrate underneath) over 2 micron holes.

Graphene Film

  • Growth method: CVD Synthesis
  • Transfer method: Clean transfer.
  • Quality control: Optical Microscopy, Raman, SEM and TEM batch checked
  • Size: 3mm (TEM grid diameter)
  • Appearance (color): Transparent
  • Transparency: > 97%.
  • Number of graphene layers: 1
  • Coverage: > 95%
  • Thickness (theoretical): 0.345 nm
  • FET mobility on Al2O3: 2,800 cm2/Vs
  • Hall mobility on SiO2: 3,500 cm2/Vs
  • Grain size: Up to 10 μm.

TEM Grid Substrate

  • Type: QUANTIFOIL ® R 2/4
  • Hole size: 2 μm
  • Space between holes: 4 μm
  • Diameter: 3mm
  • Coating: Au coated


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Nanopores: Graphene opens up to DNA, Nature Nanotechnology 5, 697-698 (2010); doi: 10.1038/nnano.2010.198


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