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Graphene TEM Grids


Suspended Monolayer Graphene on TEM Grids (Quantifoil Gold) - Pack 4 units


Suspended Monolayer Graphene on Cavities

This is a tailor made graphene product. You send your substrate to our laboratory and we then use our innovative method to transfer large area CVD graphene monolayer on top of the cavities. 


Substrate requirements

  • · Substrate size up to 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm
  • · Substrate withstand 450ºC Temperature
  • · Cavity size up to 30 μm
  • · Minimum cavity depth: 500 nm

Graphene Film

  • · Growth Method: CVD synthesis
  • · Appearance (Color): Transparent
  • · Transparency >97%
  • · Appearance (Form): Film
  • · Number of graphene layers: 1
  • · Thickness (theoretical) 0.345 nm
  • · Grain size: Up to 10 μm

Quality control

All our samples are subjected to a rigorous QC in order to ensure a high quality and reproducibility of the graphene.

  • Optical Microscopy inspection of each individual sample to ensure good transfer quality and purity

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Our standard Suspended Monolayer Graphene on TEM Grids is transferred on holes of 2microns. You can provide your own grids with your desire size and we can transfer on them. The maximum size that we can cover with good coverage is up to 7microns.

A: There is around 2-3% of hydrocarbon contamination in the surface. An annealing at 300C to clean areas can be done and to be measured with a TEM microscope.

A: The TEM grid substrate is a standard Quantifoil TEM grid Au coated. It is 500k in vacuum and X-ray Resistive.

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